Retro DJ to Go DJs

Our Houston DJs are seasoned veterans with expertise in every music genre. Many have headlined at various night clubs in and around the Houston area and several have been broadcast LIVE on radio.  Be sure to check out our podcasts for samples of their work.

DJ Dangerous Don | Our Houston DJs

DJ Don is a co-owner of Retro DJ to Go and is an accomplished DJ with 15 years of club headlining and 20 years of mobile disc jockey service. Don began working as a mobile DJ for a local DJ service in College Station. This company provided DJ’s for private parties, sorority and fraternity parties, fashion shows, and provided sound reinforcement for concerts in the area. Don headlined at several night clubs in College Station including Sundance, The Globe, and Xtreme. Don later moved to Houston and guest DJ’d for Boogie Nights and Polyester’s and in 2007 formed Retro DJ to Go with his business partner DJ Nick. Don is no stranger to energizing the crowd with creative mixes. He is a highly technical DJ with specialities in EDM, Top 40, Hip Hop, 80’s, and many other genres.



“Buried deep within familiar beats and dynamic mixes is the magical ability to take a journey back through time. That being said, the execution of such a powerful medium should never be left in the hands of an amateur.” – DJ Dangerous Don

DJ Nick at Nite | Our Houston DJs

DJ Nick is a co-owner of Retro DJ to Go and is an accomplished DJ with 15 years of club headlining and 22+ years of mobile disc jockey service. Nick managed a local DJ service in College Station and orchestrated the entire operation including scheduling DJ’s and managing numerous events.

DJ Danny T | Our Houston DJs

DJ DannyT “As a Houston dj working for retro dj to go I enjoy the variety of genres requests I receive. Bringing the best technology of digital djing, sound and lights to your party. Best described as, fun, energetic, and professional. I tend to all crowds young and old, with yesterday’s and today’s music. With over 3 years of very successful djing I plan on staying in the game for years to come. I specialize in The music that gets everyone moving. The party doesn’t end when I start mixing.”



“Hear the music, feel the beat” DJ Danny T

DJ Unpridictabull | Our Houston DJs

DJ James is an accomplished DJ with years of mobile disc jockey experience. He is extremely versatile and his expertise varies from the 40’s to the present therefore no one will feel left out. Many of his events are centered around birthdays, graduations, reunions and weddings. James feels that music can cure all your problems even it is for a little while. He has been entertaining people since 2000 and believes as long as there is music, there will always be a need for a DJ.



“There is nothing like a good song to help you forget or reminence” – DJ Unpridictabull

DJ Primetime | Our Houston DJs

DJ Primetime is an accomplished DJ with 15+ years of club and mobile disc jockey service. He was introduced to the art of mixing at the age of 13. Primetime began working as a club DJ in the early 90’s and transitioned to mobile events in 1998. His love of music shines through in every performance varying from the 70’s Dance, Mothership Funk, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and other genres.

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