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Just in the planning stage?

If you are just in the planning stage and just want to know how much DJ’s cost we can certainly give you an idea.  The first thing you should know is that every DJ is different, and depending on experience, equipment, personality, and entertainment value you can veryGroup people dancing at party. quickly win or lose with your choice of DJ.  At Retro DJ to Go, we strive to create an event that is a culmination of the clients vision and our expertise.  Prices are based on the event type, number of guests, lighting choices, and extras which can include anything from music video to karaoke.  All of these affect the overall price of your DJ. Be wary of venues that provide their own DJ’s as they are typically unable to provide the full experience as they have limited equipment and are stuck in the venue’s workflows.  These DJ’s are never about the client they are only an extra for the venue which makes enough money as it is. To give you an idea you can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$1000+ for a DJ depending on your event. You shouldn’t expect much for someone offering to do an event for less than $500.  These are the low end DJ’s are looking to make a fast buck and probably don’t have the experience to handle your event.  Remember that a truly professional DJ service will have expenses like storage, storefronts, a website, and pro equipment that make doing events for less than $500 uneconomical.  If you’re looking for some ideas of what a professional DJ can provide check out some of the options below.

Nimbus First Dance Fog Effect

Nimbus Low Hanging Fog Effect

This is an impressive effect! This is a short effect that lasts only about 6 minutes but provides for the most amazing looking pictures. Imagine having your first dance with your new husband or wife and your photographer captures the moment as if you are dancing on a cloud. A once in a lifetime shot that you can show off to your friends for years to come.

Elegant Uplighting

Elegant Uplighting Effects

A popular option for many Brides. Uplighting offers an elegant look for any event from Weddings to Corporate events. We use LED uplighting with RGB mixing to produce any color you desire. Our default uplighting package consists of 10 cans of uplights to be positioned around your venue. Contact us for pricing for larger events where more than 10 cans will be needed.

Monogrammed Dancefloor

Monogrammed Dance floor or Wall Effect

This is a great option for any wedding or corporate event. You can customize your dancefloor with the bride and grooms initials, or a company logo, or any image in either color or black and white. This option has a 2 week lag time as the gobos are glass cut specifically for your event. Your monogram can be stationary, spinning, or available as a moving part of the light show. Moving monograms require the intelligent lighting option.

Complete Music Video Library

Music Videos and Video Enhancement

Video adds a whole new level to your entertainment experience. We provide live music video mixing, slide shows, corporate videos, party pics and more. Video is a must have for any corporate or school gala. We have several options to choose from including 8×8 screens full pipe and drape, 12×9 screens full pipe and drape, and dual 50″ LCD’s. Contact us to determine which type best suits your venue.

Upgraded Sound System

Upgraded Sound System

Our upgraded sound system consists of over 10,000 watts of power. Dual 18 inch subs with 15 inch top cabinets make for enough sound to handle even the largest crowds. We use this system on any event over 100 attendees. We can combine multiple systems to accomodate even the largest events contact us for more details. This system is precise with clear highs and thunderous bass. A must have for any school event or large corporate gala.

Double 18 Inch Subwoofers

Giant Subwoofers

Earth shaking bass sure to wake up the neighbors. Adding our double 18 cabinets to your event will add another 12,000 watts of subs alone! A must have for Proms, Homecoming, and other school events. These must be reserved in advance as we only have a few of these units so please make sure you reserve your spot especially if you intend to use them during prom season.



Karaoke is always fun and can be added to any event. We have thousands of karaoke hits from the classics to current hits. We provide a video monitor for the lyrics and wireless microphones. We have song books to look through and choose the hit that will make you famous or infamous!

Intelligent Lights

Intelligent Lights

If you have been to any night clubs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, or have seen the Voice you will recognize these intelligent lights. The lights are computer controlled and can be individually programmed for your event. This provides a great effect for weddings too as it provides a soft filling light that matches the ambiance of the evening.

Laser Effects

Laser Effects

Some of the most amazing affects are done these days with lasers. We use an X-Laser series laser with skywriting capabilities. We can add messages to the sky to keep your crowd energized and into the event. A spectacular effect great for large venues.

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